The Relationship Centre

                                                  The place for couples…..   

  Specialist Counselling & Psychotherapy for couples who want a better relationship

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The Relationship Centre has had a couple of homes but is now firmly established in Hythe Hampshire near Southampton.

The counselling room possesses a calm, serene ambiance as does the building itself. There is parking space although it operates without a waiting area and receptionist, and you are kindly asked to arrive at your appointment time, to give the previous couple time to leave.


The fee for couple counselling is £60.00 per 1 hour session. Sessions can be booked for 1 hour, up to 1.5 hours depending on needs etc.

The first session is often an assessment session to explore the issues in the relationship and make a plan on how the therapy can help.

Tom can occasionally see couples in his Harley Street practice, London. Please contact us for more information and fees around this opportunity.

The Relationship Centre

Amara Clinic, Hythe, Hampshire.

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